Thank you, Dr. King

Nothing about this day, in memory of a man who led marches + a movement half a century ago, is lost on me. Nothing about my reality, that is only able to exist standing on the shoulders of his legacy, is forgotten. Nothing about the war on inequality we continue to fight leaves me anything less than grieving. 

But, oh, that I could share not only a child but both motherhood + life with a woman whose skin is different than mine carries greater richness than I can put into words. 

She has changed me, and I am better because she exists. 

I am better because my life is forever intricately interwoven with hers. I am better because I am unable to stay blind to the injustice that plagues her. I am better because I have heard her laugh and watched her cry. I am better because we’ve sat together on cold floors. I am better because I’ve had to wrestle with uncharted territory and even the hidden things in me. I am better because I’m just starting to see strength in an entirely new light.

So thank you, Dr. King, for making a way for this to be my story – our story. For not letting me miss how beautiful life is when we can stand together. 

I have so much yet to learn about shedding the layers of white privilege I was born into, but I will give my life to seeing this picture and the wholeness of Heaven I believe it reflects UNFOLD.