For this child I prayed…and also their birth family

with Guest Blogger | Michelle Bushard "It’s easy to write this now, after three years of healing, but at the time it seemed unbearably hard to let go of my desires. It's what I needed, though, in order to lovingly walk alongside another human, no matter the outcome. What I learned in those 12 months … Continue reading For this child I prayed…and also their birth family

“E is for Everybody” | Small Moments, Big Conversations

E is for Everybody | Small Moments, Big Conversations: Lesson 1 "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."Oscar Wilde I'm so excited to share this first "lesson" with you and hear about the conversations it sparks . Big Idea: Everybody, everywhere matters. Everybody, everywhere belongs. Bible Verse: “What can separate us from His perfect love?"Bible Story: … Continue reading “E is for Everybody” | Small Moments, Big Conversations

Small Moments, Big Conversations

Small Moments, Big Conversations: Intro "To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try."Rosa Parks The last couple weeks have been HEAVY. I don't know a better way to say it, but even though heavy is heavy, I hope you're feeling it. … Continue reading Small Moments, Big Conversations

Writing [THE] Letter

“It is my prayer for you that the significance of these words you’re about to write encourages you more than it overwhelms you. This truly is your chance to be Jesus – to speak life louder than shame, to honor the bravery of this woman, to acknowledge her sacrifice in choosing life, and introduce yourselves to her.“That 7 years of marriage could cause so much pain, love, and growth.

Always Meant to Be This Way

My husband, Marcus, and I just celebrated our seven year anniversary. While sitting down to watch our wedding video, I was flooded with memories of that time in our lives. Within two months, we got married, graduated, and moved to St. Louis from Iowa for my husband to begin his four year residency as an OB/GYN. We were so excited to begin our lives together as a married couple, and I could only see a bright hope for our future. how little did I know That 7 years of marriage could cause so much pain, love, and growth.

Evaluating Representation in Your Home

I shared recently the National Association of Black Social Workers position on transracial adoption, released in 1972 and not altered in any ways in the almost 50 years since. In their position, they take a "vehement stand against the placement of black children in white homes for any reason". They go on to write that black children … Continue reading Evaluating Representation in Your Home

Picture of mom holding her baby daughter

Guilt Wrapped in Grace

Guest Blogger | Haley Ingleston To the mamas out there fighting to find freedom in the midst of their struggle, this one’s for you.  To the mama that can’t seem to find contentment, I see you. To the mama crying over the unending guilt taking over her life, I’ve been you. To the mama that … Continue reading Guilt Wrapped in Grace

No Plan B

"I saw it again this week - an announcement and gender revel on Facebook for a beautiful couple who has waited so long for a biological baby. They just adopted recently. And the comments that flooded their post were filled with sentiments along the same lines of "I just knew you'd get pregnant as soon as you adopted". I know it's innocent, but can we be frank? The message being communicated to that child already in their home [to my child, to all adopted children] is that they are simply a stepping stone on the path to getting what one really wants. An act of obedience before the Lord answers the parents' real desire. It communicates that they're less than. That they're not as worthy. That they were a second choice, a "well, then...", a Plan B."