Family Adoption Profile Books

We believe that your family’s profile book might very well be one of the most important elements of your adoption process. It’s exciting to think about the hands that will hold your book, but it can also be very stressful. Where do you begin? How do you explain who you are and what your family is all about in just a few short pages? What can you say to an expectant mama that builds courage in her heart and reminds her that she is not alone? For This Child is here to
make this piece of the journey a little bit easier by creating a unique, custom family profile.

Every one of our profiles are uniquely designed and custom made with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Celebrating + showcasing the uniqueness of your family
  2. While honoring + encouraging the woman who is choosing life for her child

Adoption is overwhelming, this doesn’t have to be! For This Child takes the stress out of making your family profile.



Clean / Modern / Photocentric / Narrative 

In my designs, I use a lot of large photos that I believe tell a story, and I use the written content to do the same. While I do utilize lists and bullet points throughout, a majority of my written material is in story form. I really believe this invites a mama in and allows her to see an authentic picture of YOU! In addition, I also use a lot of earth tones, clean texts, and white space!

How It Works

In my professional opinion, every powerful profile book has three essential elements:

QUALITY PHOTOS This is your job!

And lots of them! Once you’re ready to get started, we will set up a Google Drive folder to share photos. You will be provided with a list of required professional and nonprofessional photos, as well as asked to connect with a local photographer to set up a mini-shoot. We cannot stress enough how much the quality of your photos increases the quality of your book. They truly do become the central focus of your book, telling the story of your hearts. We encourage families to do [at least part] of their mini-shoot in their home; this provides natural, beautiful, fun but still high quality photos to bring into your book.

*Because of the importance of quality photos, professional photos are a requirement for all For This Child clients.

HONORING AND ENGAGING CONTENT. Let’s do this together!

Next we’ll work on the written content of your profile. Writing about yourself may be one of the most difficult parts of creating your book, especially in language is honoring and encouraging. To help with this, you will receive a questionnaire to guide you through your thoughts and prompt important information. Based on your responses, I will compile your content and turn your words into a narrative.

CHARACTER. Leave this to me!

Alongside honoring birth moms, celebrating the uniqueness of your family is one of my primary goals! Every book is creatively designed with different elements to fit your family. I will share a few sample books with you and ask for a list of your likes and dislikes in return. I’ll also ask you to share any unique words, pictures, etc. that you might associate with your adoption journey and work to incorporate these themes into your profile.

Once we have everything we need, we will start creating your custom family profile! A first draft takes approximately 4 -5 weeks to complete. At that time, you’ll be sent a copy of the first draft to review and edit. Once your edit is complete and you feel confident about the final product, we will send in an order for the books to be printed!

Most families receive their final product within 6 weeks.

*If you have any special requirements from your agency such as size, orientation, or required content, be sure to communicate this on the front end.

Get Started

What It Costs


We’re here to help from start to finish! This lifestyle, photo-centered package includes:

  • Booklet design up to 32 pages
  • 3 Rounds of Edits
  • 4 – 6 weeks for design work (beginning when all materials have been turned in)
  • Digital PDF copy of your profile book in two different formats
  • The ability to print and ship as many hard copy books as you would like (see add-ons)

This complete package aims to more fully tell the story of your family, celebrate what makes you unique, and encourage the expectant mothers who will be looking at your book. It will include pages such as:

  • Cover
  • Letter to Expectant Mom
  • Profile of Husband
  • Profile of Wife
  • Profile of Children (if applicable)
  • Extended Family
  • Your Home
  • Additional Personal Pages such as:
    • Why We Want to Adopt
    • Our Promise to You
    • Hobbies/Interests/Celebrations/Traditions/etc.
    • Family Values


  • Help uploading + organizing photos: +$25 per hour
  • Expedited 2 – 3 weeks to receive final product : +$75
  • Additional round of editing : +$25 per hour
  • Extra printed copies of book: +$15 per book + shipping

Get Started

Get Started