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Adoption is beautiful – and messy and hard and entirely overwhelming. We know; we’ve been there! And feeling alone might be one of the hardest parts.

We also know that your family’s profile book is one of the most important elements of your adoption process.

It’s exciting to think about the hands that will hold your book, but it can also be very stressful. Where do you begin? How do you explain who you are and what your family is all about in just a few short pages? What can you say to a birth mom that builds courage in her heart and reminds her that she is not alone?

For This Child is here to make this piece of the journey a little bit easier by creating a unique, custom family profile book that celebrates and shares you with the brave ones who are choosing life for their child.

I’m Excited to Meet You


“We care for the orphan not because we are rescuers, but because we are rescued.” -David Platt

My name is Lindsey. I’m a wife to a warrior for the Lord and mom to two, and I’m recklessly in love with both Jesus and adoption.

For many years I offhandedly echoed the same sentiment to my husband, “I just want to stay home with my babies, write homestudies, and make profile books!” Eventually the Holy Spirit whispered back, “So why don’t you?” Done.

In May of 2018, I left my job in my education to recklessly run after the passion He’s placed on my heart – loving the orphan, pouring into adoptive families, and advocating for birth moms. I’m currently in the process of pursuing a Social Work Degree from Northwestern College and planting the grassroots of For This Child. I’m a self-taught designer and soaking in the wisdom of others any chance I can get.

I’m married to an incredible man with a heart after the Lord, and we have two beautiful daughters. Diamond is our songbird; she has praise in her heart and dances away shadows. She was adopted out of foster care in 2015. Ameliana is our mountain goat; she is sure-footed and steady, ready to run on mountain tops with Him. She was adopted domestically in 2017. We fell in love with her birth mom before we ever knew our sweet Millie, and I’ve been completely undone every day since when I think of the way He grows our families.

My heart is to see birth moms honored and children in families, and I believe all of it – when we do it well – puts the Lord on display. I also believe that the profile books we send out are about more than finding a child. They have the potential to speak life into dry bones, hope into a hopeless situation, choice to a woman who may feel like she has none, and rejoicing where there has only been shame. They’re a vessel for Jesus, and I never want to sell that short.

What We Do

We create beautifully designed, custom made profile books for families on the journey of adoption. These are the books that will be presented to women who have chosen life for their child and are in the unimaginable place of choosing the parents who will raise their son or daughter.

As waiting families, this book is not only an intense challenge but an incredible opportunity to speak life, dignity, and hope over this woman. We come to find that adoption is so much more than simply growing our family another child.

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“Lindsey’s work is just amazing. I received her email while sitting at one of our neighborhood gatherings, and the timing was perfect. I cried, my girlfriends cried, and the woman who was our cried. The book Lindsey created for our family really is simply stunning. “Thank you” is not enough.-Cara

“Lindsey is simply amazing to work with. We needed our original book updated that we had made by a different business. I wasn’t super happy with the original and didn’t feel like it was what I wanted. Lindsey went above and beyond! She blew all my expectations out of the water. Our new book is beautiful from cover to cover and I’m so proud to show it now!” -Christen

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I would love to connect with you and send some sample work your way!

You can reach me at kuiperslindsey@gmail.com The journey is beautiful. Let’s do it together!

“I prayed for this child, and here he is! The LORD gave me all I could have ever asked for.” 1 Samuel 1:27, MSG