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I consider it such an honor to walk alongside hopeful adoptive families. Strangers become friends so quickly in this journey, and it is such a gift every time I am invited into a family’s story.

“Lindsey has been wonderful to work with. She was able to truly capture our love for each other and our family’s crazy spirit. It was like she had known us for years or had been living secretly under our stairs 🤣 If you are thinking about using For This Child to create a beautiful, well-written, unique profile book, DO IT!! Having our book professionally done was the best decision; it is worth it!” -Alysia

“Lindsey is incredible to work with! I was feeling so overwhelmed with the process of making a profile book but she just took that burden on & made it so enjoyable for us!! She has each step broken down in such an organized and efficient way and the end result is just beautiful!! I can’t recommend her enough!!” -Lacey

“For This Child is so amazing to work with! I couldn’t believe how fast Lindsey was able to help us. She helped us to shorten our story to fit while still including what we really needed to say. She was patient with us as we made adjustments and worked with us to help us create something so beautiful. It will be a lifelong treasure for our family.” -Jana

“We really enjoyed working with Lindsey: after briefly talking on the phone with her, she understood us very well and was able to help us describe our personalities and our values in our profile book. We had a pretty clear picture of what we wanted in our book and she was amazing at understanding it and bringing it to life. We are completely in love with our book, it is exactly how we pictured it: clean and simple and full of life!-Anna

“We were told about For This Child through our consultant. Going in, I knew I definitely wanted a professional touch on our profile book. I started creating one on my own first and honestly was just lost. Insert Lindsey. She was absolutely incredible and so unbelievably understanding. Not only did she create a beautiful book for us, but she also shared things with me about the process that will stay with me forever. We are so blessed by the whole experience with her. We would recommend it to anyone looking to do a profile book. And to anyone second-guessing themselves, just hire a professional. It’s so worth it!” -Eliza

“I stumbled onto For This Child while researching adoption profiles. I’m so glad that I decided to trust Lindsey. She did an incredible job capturing our family and what life looks like for us! I was a little stressed and anxious about the whole process. She took all of those worries and fears away. My husband and I are so impressed with the work that she did!! Thank you, Lindsey, You have a beautiful heart and a passion that shines through in your work ❤️-Elizabeth

“Our adoption consultant referred us to Lindsey and I could not be more grateful. I feel like I have made a genuine friend. Lindsey loves Jesus, has high-caliber editing and writing skills, real-life experience and so much wisdom to pour into the making of this book. I felt so at ease during the process with her guiding us. Lindsey is quite humble so she’d probably wince at me saying that our book is PERFECT; in the sense that it speaks our family’s heart perfectly while caring for each woman that will hold it in her hands. Thank you, Lindsey, for all of the time and effort you put into getting to know us, our family, our story, and our hearts. Thank you for coming on this journey with us, I am so grateful that the Lord wrote you into our story and I have learned SO much from you. Always thankful for you!” -Kelly and Sean

“I am so thankful that our adoption consultants gave us For This Child as a recommendation for our profile book! Lindsey was beyond wonderful to work with! She is extremely organized and thorough, but more importantly, she is gentle and kind and encouraging; she will pray for you, and her heart for the wonder of adoption shines through in every detail of her work! She did the impossible and perfectly captured our family in less than 20 pages. We are so thankful for Lindsey’s role in our journey; she has a gift, and we know that if you choose her to create your profile book you will be as blessed as we were to have her as part of your adoption story!” -Kristie

“We can’t say enough good things about working with Lindsey! She made the entire process so easy and created a profile book that represents our family perfectly. Her work is beautiful and she truly has a gift for conveying the heart of her clients through the content. If you’re considering hiring someone to create your book, we 100% recommend Lindsey!” -Natalie and Chase

“Lindsey did such an amazing job on our profile! She so perfectly put our thoughts into words, which is a true gift. It turned out amazing! We are so lucky to have found her! ❤️-Jamie

“Lindsey is simply amazing to work with. We needed our original book updated that we had made by a different business. I wasn’t super happy with the original and didn’t feel like it was what I wanted. Lindsey went above and beyond! She blew all my expectations out of the water. Our new book is beautiful from cover to cover and I’m so proud to show it now!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-Christen

“We had a wonderful experience working with Lindsey! Our agency was “gushing” over our profile book when it landed on their desks. Lindsey was well organized in helping us collect information to make our book. She worked hard to get to know our family and made a book that truly shows who we are. I thought I was a good writer, but the finishing touches she was able to do to put our family story into a book were more than I could have asked for. This will be a book we keep for our family to read for the rest of our lives.-Casey

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