About Us

This is Our Story

Adoption has been written into our story, I cannot imagine it any other way.

We have often said that our lives have been gloriously ruined and forever changed by all that this journey entails, and there is simply no going back. Some of my favorite words were spoken by William Wilberforce many years ago, but I can think of nothing better to describe the reality.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” -William Wilberforce

How true this is in orphan care. Whether your family has been built through foster care or adoption, domestically or internationally, trans-racially or outwardly the same, walking with a birth mom in an open or closed relationship, our eyes have seen things that cannot be forgotten.

In reality, we’re walking through uncharted territory just like the rest of you – taking steps and trying to figure out how to love in a way that reflects Jesus each and every day. It’s messy and it’s hard and I’ve known nothing more overwhelming…but I love it.

I love that my life is intertwined with two women hundreds of miles away, that grew each of babies in their bellies and gave all they had to give. I love that I get to love them – my three beautiful babies – and watch them grow into who they were created to be. I love that they don’t look like us, but they act like us, and we are all reminded over and over again of how intricate the human design is. I love that we get to walk through grief and celebration together, because there is something pretty powerful in feeling both hurt and healing. I love that we get to be family – my husband and I and our kids and their first families – because that’s what the Kingdom looks like. I love that I can dream about the day we will all walk through Heaven’s streets together.

My name is Lindsey

I started For This Child with a desire to honor expectant moms and birth moms, walk alongside families in the trenches of adoption, and create profile books that are rich with ethics, honor, and authenticity.

I personally design, write, and create every page of every profile book that comes in and goes out of For This Child.

This is my husband, Josh

He supports my endeavors and encourages my dreams. I couldn’t do life without him. He does a lot of other cool things, too, but that is probably for another time! (He also edits my spelling errors – that’s a good partner to have!)

Our Diamond Maree

Diamond is tender and compassionate and all things emotional! She is a songbird and the most caring big sister. She is gentle but fierce, and, oh, how she will move mountains! Her name really does say it all – forged by fire, cut to perfection, strengthened in refinement, and nearly unbreakable; she is an overcomer through and through.

Diamond was adopted out of foster care when she was 9 months old. She has forever changed our lives, and remembering those first moments we ever spent with her will always make me weep tears of gratitude.

Our Ameliana Amadi

Millie is our “mountain goat girl”, taken from the Song of Solomon. She is fierce and fiery and forever on the move! It was prophesied before her birth that she would be a “live wire” – yup, nailed it. Her name means striving defender and the rock of rejoicing. She has the voice of a trumpet, and we know she will use it to proclaim His goodness from the mountaintops, where she will run ready and steady with Him.

Millie was adopted domestically at birth. We were matched with her birth mom a couple months before her due date and were able to meet her a few weeks later. We fell in love with mama before we ever met our little girl. She is something fierce, and there has never been a doubt in our minds where Millie gets her confident and chaotic strength. They both have also forever changed us and shaken everything we believe about adoption and the heart of the Lord.

Our Benaiah Ja’Vaz

I’m pretty sure Benny is as sweet as they come. He is our “Buffalo Boy” – a prophetic word given to him before he was born and much too long to write about here. He is strong and steady and looovveess to make people laugh.

He joined our family in November of 2019 and is Millie’s half-biological brother. We were not planning to be on the journey with another little one just yet, but when their birth mama sent an ultrasound picture and a text message that read, “Would you consider being the parents for this baby?”, there was nothing in our hearts but a confident “Yes.” In all the time since, he has been a sweet redemption for our souls, and we cannot imagine life without him.

‘And then my soul saw you and it kind of went Oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.’