I strongly believe your family’s profile book might very well be one of the most important elements of your adoption process, and that asking for help takes humility and wisdom. My hope is to make this piece of the journey a bit easier by creating a unique, custom family profile with two specific goals in mind:

  1. Celebrating + showcasing the uniqueness of your family
  2. While honoring + encouraging the woman who is choosing life for her child

We do this using three essential elements:

1. QUALITY PHOTOS This is your job – but I’ll guide you.

2. HONORING AND ENGAGING CONTENT Let’s do this together.

3. CHARACTER. Leave this to me!

As prospective adoptive families, I believe your profile is more than just a “picture book” or even an “advertisement of your best qualities”. Rather, I believe your family’s adoption profile is an opportunity to be real and authentic, a chance to speak life, dignity, and hope over an expectant mama.

I hope you will come to find that adoption is so much more than growing our family. Because even if it’s a child we pray for, He always seems to come with so much more.

Maybe you’re asking: “What qualifies you to do this work?”

Sometimes, I ask myself the same thing! But I love what I do, and I believe I’m good at it. Not only do I have a first-hand experience as an adoptive mama walking in both a very open and a semi-closed adoption, but I also 1.) have a degree in English and Social Work, 2.) have had the chance to walk with hundreds of adoptive and foster families over the past decade, 3.) spend a LOT of time reading books, listening to podcasts, and keeping up with the “news” about adoption-related material, 4.) am intentional about leaning into the voice of adoptees and people of color, AND 5.) work with an incredible team of other people in the triad – including Ashley Mitchell, founder of Big Tough Girl.

Check out more about what I do in Our Services.


“Lindsey is incredible to work with! I was feeling so overwhelmed with the process of making a profile book but she just took that burden on & made it so enjoyable for us!! She has each step broken down in such an organized and efficient way and the end result is just beautiful!! I can’t recommend her enough!!” -Lacey

“For This Child is so amazing to work with! I couldn’t believe how fast Lindsey was able to help us. She helped us to shorten our story to fit while still including what we really needed to say. She was patient with us as we made adjustments and worked with us to help us create something so beautiful. It will be a lifelong treasure for our family. Thank you For This Child for playing such a big part in our adoption journey!” -Jana

“We really enjoyed working with Lindsey: after briefly talking on the phone with her, she understood us very well and was able to help us describe our personalities and our values in our profile book. We had a pretty clear picture of what we wanted in our book and she was amazing in understanding it and bringing it to life. We are completely in love with our book, it is exactly how we pictured it: clean and simple and full of life!” -Anna